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Geoffrey The Butler is here to take care of your home so you don’t have to. You’re busy chasing goals and dreams: creating a successful career, raising a family, enjoying down time with friends, traveling, charity, and putting in time at the gym. At the end of a long day, you just want a little support taking care of, well, you…that’s what we are here for. Geoffrey has something for everyone…

Just schedule the day and time that works for you and we will be there like clockwork to give your home the TLC it needs and deserves. This is the best option for busy people with a lot on the go who just need a hand keeping their home in near perfect order.

We go deep to clean the areas of your home that you’ve been missing. If mom, or even better (or worse), mother-in-law is coming over, don’t skimp on the details  – The Geoffrey is the service to go for.

An entry level clean for those who enjoy a clean home, but aren’t expecting a knock at the door from the in-laws. Good news though, as long as no ones going to be taking a magnifying glass to the deepest, darkest areas of your home you’ll be in good hands at this level.

You tell us what you want cleaned and we’ll clean it. Inside the fridge, inside the oven, cupboards, closets, drawers; there’s really no limit when you customize it.

We will get your new home ready so all you have to do is arrive and start setting up, or we’ll get your old home back to the way it was the day you moved in…or as close as humanly possible.


Services & Prices

Whether you need a quick tidy-up or haven’t given your home any TLC in weeks, we have something for you.
Outstanding Cleaning Services With Flat Rate Pricing. No Hidden Fees. No Surprises.

The Official Clean

$7900and up
  • Tidy Living Room
    Clean Kitchen
    Clean Bathroom
    All Floors Vacuumed & Mopped
    Dust Surfaces
    Bed(s) Made

The Geoffrey

$12000and up
  • The Official Clean +
    Clean Behind Couches
    Clean Under Beds
    Clean Door Handles
    Clean Light Fixtures
    Clean Baseboards

Customize It!

  • Have It Your Way!
    Custom Combination
    All Our Services
    Choose What Suits Your Lifestyle
    Always Flexible
    Let Us Know What You Need!

* Please note that GTB Reserves the right to renegotiate pricing based on in-home assessment.
All homes above 900 sq ft require a telephone or in-person consultation.


The Nitty Gritty

Getting the service you need from Geoffrey is really easy. You have two standard options to choose from below – whatever suits your lifestyle just book it and we’ll be there to take care of you! If you need a little more than what our standard options offer, we can also Customize It! One more thing, don’t forget to ask us about our Geoffrey Maintenance Service!

The Official

Clean counters, clean stove top, clean inside and outside microwave, clean face of oven, clean face of fridge

Clean tub, clean toilet, clean sink, clean floors (including behind toilet)

Will dust all surfaces of furniture

Make the bed(s), dust surfaces

Vacuum/sweep and steam clean or mop floors, take out trash

The Geoffrey

Clean counters, clean and shine stove top, clean inside and stainless steel shine microwave, clean and stainless steel shine face of oven, clean and stainless steel shine face of fridge, clean backsplash

Clean tub, clean toilet, clean sink, clean floors (including behind toilet), wipe down face of cupboards

Dust all surfaces of furniture

Make the bed(s), dust surfaces

Vacuum/sweep and steam clean or mop floors, take out trash

Add On Services: Clean Windows, inside and out; clean inside closets; clean and organize inside cupboards, clean out fridge, clean out stove, clean behind appliances